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EQUINOX frequently refreshes the industries with new innovations, higher quality standards, ideas and concepts since its foundation in 1998.

It is the bringer for providing this industry with quality yet affordable carbon fiber cranks, the promoter of carbon fiber seat posts, the first mass producer of the racing bike carbon rear stays, one of the initiators of the carbon bottle cages, the spreader of reasonably priced yet ergonometric monocoque carbon racing handlebar, and now, a competent manufacturer of carbon fiber rims and wheels in the world.


  • Established in 1998
  • Number of Employ: 250
  • Monthly Production Capacity:
    Rim: 6,000pcs
    Crank: 20,000set
    H-Bar: 2,500pcs
    Other Bike Components and medical/industrial parts.

Not only by itself the innovator and quality producer of composite components, it is also a builder of the most state-of-art production facilities in this industry. EQUINOX current facility, with its exquisitely-designed appearance, carefully-planned lay-out flows, comfortable surroundings, can definitely be considered as one of the marvelous factory in Taiwan. It both appeals the partners/customers/friends and also shows our determinations to surpass ourselves over our competitors ( if they considered they are qualified to be….). Truly, to be the best, No. 1, etc, is certainly not from the mouth and from the marketing publications but from the action.

Hence in order to match this neat lay-out design, we are committed to run the operation within in a comparable style, to follow the strictly rule, SOP. We deem the manufacturing processes and standard operating procedures (SOP) are the keys of the quality carbon products. It starts from the incoming quality control and inspection of raw materials to painstakingly in-process control such as the inspections of prepreg and its storage conditions, temperature and humidity control in production sites, tooling designs, molding conditions, fabrication, puttying, and painting. Each stage on the production line is strictly monitored by the quality management system of ISO 9000.

Nevertheless, a simple ISO9001 system to guide our production flow is not good enough. Therefore, we have to enhance the entire quality system by getting ourselves qualified by a more advanced quality system In 2008, that is; ISO13485-2003. By integrating these two quality assurance systems into our work-flows, we are able to run the "basics" through the ISO9001 guidance and to enhance it with ISO3485-2003. At EQUINOX, we have vitalized the ISO system to be a dynamic power that boost up our quality system.

Further to the lay-out and the management system that function at EQUINOX, our experienced and motivated employees are definitely the most precious assets to the Company. They are considered as the core to the success of EQUINOX. It is our responsibility to provide them with reasonable pay-rolls, cozy work environments, benefits, growth opportunities, and even cares to their families. More than 80% of the employees have been with this company for more than 3 years. With their helps, we shall be able to create more for them and the new comers.

Therefore, during this 2010, the construction for the next facility will be planned and started. Definitely, in 2011, EQUINOX will be even better and we truly believe in and look forward to this.

Applications, characteristics, and genres of composite materials

The Carbon fiber composite material has long been applied into fields for decades such as aerospace, sporting goods, construction and civil engineering. Now, because of energy-saving and environment-caring concerns, it’s applications have further been widened into the industries such automobile, energy-saving, transportation, power-generation, etc. It is the material of the past, the present and, mostly, the future.

Carbon Fiber Material Specifications Used by EQUINOX

  • Ultra high elastic modulus type (UHM)
    Tensile elastic modulus: 600 GPa or higher
    Tensile strength: 2,500 MPa or higher
  • High elastic modulus type (HM)
    Tensile elastic modulus: 350-600 GPa
    Tensile strength: 2,500 MPa or higher
  • Intermediate elastic modulus type (IM)
    Tensile elastic modulus: 280-350 GPa
    Tensile strength: 3,500 MPa or higher
  • Standard elastic modulus type (HT)
    Tensile elastic modulus: 200-280 GPa
    Tensile strength: approximately 2,500 MPa or higher
  • Low elastic modulus type (LM)
    Tensile elastic modulus: 200 GPa or lower
    Tensile strength: 3,500 MPa or lower

Carbon fiber is made from either PAN or Pitch filaments through process temperatures between 1200oC and 2800oC.

It is with high tensile strength and modulus. However it is also with low density(lighter), low coefficient of thermal expansion, heat resistance, chemical stability, self-lubricity and so forth. Consequently, most carbon fiber products share the physical properties of lightweight, toughness, dimension stability, and fatigue resistance, which are all better than homogeneous materials such as stainless steel.

Even though the mechanic properties of carbon fiber materials may vary from its raw material origins( PAN or Pitch), carbonization processes, filament combinations, chemical pre-treatments, etc., but overall, it is rather a stable material by its grade. The production management and process engineering system that conduct the production process to transform this material into the usable commercial parts, the matrix system that coheres the carbon filaments together, the quality control system to monitor, the designing team that is capable of enhancing its mechanic properties while avoiding its natural shortcomings and more importantly skillful operators that are dedicated to make the best products in the worlds, are essential contributes to a good carbon fiber component.

  • Carbon fiber crank set: 1998
  • Carb on Seat Post/bottle cage; 1999
  • Carbon Seat/Chain Stay: 2000
  • Monocoque Carbon Racing Handlebar: 2002
  • Carbon Wheels: 2003
  • First practical full carbon clincher wheel: 2004
  • Full carbon Minivelo: 2007
  • Carbon Spoked Carbon Wheel Set: 2008/2009
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